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Thomas Lang releases new album "ProgPop"​
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First Solo Release in Nine Years Marks Lang’s Return to “Playing the Unplayed”


October 4th, 2019 – Los Angeles) World-renown drummer, producer, artist and educator Thomas Lang’s launch on the world stage was marked with a bold pronouncement that his musical goal was to “play the unplayed.” With the debut of ProgPop -- his first solo release in since the 2010 release of “Something Along Those Lines,” Lang fully delivers on this ambitious mission statement by delivering some of the most modern, complex drumming you could possibly cram into 14 tracks and still have room for guest musicians galore.


With all songs written and produced by Lang, ProgPop draws its influence from 80’s Alternative/Pop music that combines electronic instruments and sequencing with live performances in a classic pop song format. However, Lang gives each song a serious “progressive twist”, with his cerebral 21st-century beats and blistering drum solos.


“I equally love progressive rock, alternative, and pop music,” said Lang. “I thought it would be interesting to combine these genres with a sprinkling of drum parts that sound fairly simple in the context of catchy tunes and hook-driven music – but yet contain complex drumming concepts. For someone who just enjoys alternative pop music, you’ll hear some pretty approachable drum parts. For someone who understands the nuance and complexity of highly technical drumming and cutting-edge applied independence, these drum parts will hopefully be little “Easter eggs” of inspiration.” 


PropPop features a myriad of incredible guest musicians including vocals from Marc Bonilla (Montrose/CTA/Keith Emerson), Ginny Luke (Meat Loaf/Foo Fighters/Stevie Wonder), Freddie Nelson (Solo Artist/Paul Gilbert) and Francesco DiCosmo (Evernescence/Thin Lizzy). Bassists Wojtek Pilichowski, Ed Poole (Bonnie Tyler/ Sam Brown) and Kevin Chown (The Bombastic Meatbats/Tarja/Paul Gilbert) perform the herculean task of holding down the rhythm section alongside with Lang’s polyrhythmic precision. Guitarists Leah Woodward (The Aliases), Alex Machacheck (UK/Terry Bozzio/Brand X/Planet X), Australian guitar-monster Jeremy Barnes (Solo Artist) Tobias Mertens (Lord of the Lost/Subway to Sally) lend their unique, and prodigious talents to this audacious release.


 ProgPop puts a new spin on the expected “drummer album” by offering up hook-laden songs, interpreted in innovative ways on the drums. Lang creates shockingly complex drum grooves with multiple rhythms being layered on top of each other to create a rhythmic landscape reminiscent of 80’s drum machines – except- played by a human, with dynamics and feel. In contrast to the hyper-organized structures of his complex beats, Lang often explodes into completely surprising solo sections where he lets loose and brings improvisation and a completely different energy to the songs. “I always feel there needs to be a balance and contrast in music, a Ying and a Yang. Structure and freedom” said Lang. “I think there is the right balance of that on this album”.


On ProgPop, Lang manages to keep all the attention on the drums in an innovative and inspired way – almost without the listener knowing it. The drumming is very much in the foreground without being overbearing or dominating. His groove-concepts are sometimes completely off-the-wall, often playing traditional drum-beats “upside down” -- playing hand parts with his feet and traditional foot-patterns with his hands.


All the songs on ProgPop have instantly recognizable drum-grooves which are true drum compositions, not just “beats.” His melodic tom-patterns and revolutionary multi-pedal orchestrations become compositions within the composition. They are musical and understated, yet they drive each song relentlessly and with authority. You hear a song that sounds like an 80’s pop song but after taking a closer look you realize there is a wealth of ultra-technical finesse packed into each drum performance on this album.

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Thomas Lang performing at Le Bag’ Show in Paris



Thomas Lang performing in Sevilla/Spain

Thomas Lang performing at Le Bag' Show in Paris
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On October 27th 2019, Thomas Lang will be performing songs from his new album “ProgPop” at the longest-standing drum festival in France, the prestigious “Le Bag’ Show” at “Le Trianon” in 

Paris. Find out more about tickets and the day’s schedule at:


Thomas Lang performing in Sevilla/Spain​
Tam Tam drum fest.jpg

Thomas Lang will be performing at the Spain's leading drum festival, the "Tam Tam Drum Fest", on November 3rd 2019. Thomas will be performing songs from his new album “ProgPop” and will be breaking down his complex drum parts for the audience. Check out the stellar line-up for this show and get your tickets early! More information about “Tam Tam Drum Fest” is here: